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Alpaca Fleece Canvas Art

" To do what you love, and have people value your craft... what could be more fun! "

This beautiful alpaca fleece art is like nothing you have seen before in New Zealand (NZ)!

Do you get stuck for gift ideas, whether it be Mother's day, weddings, birthdays.... like we do?

What better way to show the special people in your life how much you care by gifting this unique work of art. Why not even buy an original NZ alpaca fleece canvas for yourself and transform an average room in your home or business into a show-stopper... it is sure to be a talking point amongst all your friends and family or clientele! It would also be a great memoir of a little piece of NZ to take back home after your visit to our beautiful country!

I will also happily accommodate alpaca owners who wish to provide their own fleece and create a very sentimental and unique memoir for you! Please contact me with your gallery choice/s and I will sort out the details with you.

Jeanna Tannion-Contact and Artist       

Short Bio; Tapping into my creative and inventive mind as a Scorpio I have always had a keen eye for colour and abstract. The idea of wet felting alpaca fleece onto silk/ organza (or anything really) was taught to me from my mother-in-law up at the family farm where we have an infinite supply of fleece. A canvas which was given to me as a birthday gift, really sparked my passion for making home decor statement pieces out of NZ natural and sustainable fibre. The work up close really does hold a captive audience, it's so unique and different!!!!

I am a passionate advocate for the humane treatment of all  animals, which is why this       product is 100% animal-friendly! 

Everyone of these projects allows me my day dream time, to relax and really enjoy the whole process of seeing the art unfold.